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Автор Тема: persian cat with corneal sequestrum from Ancara  (Прочитано 16573 раз)
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« : 03. 12. 2011, 15:15:27 »

Thank you, Olga, and to answer Dear Alexander,

 I want to Fannin send photos. and to write the details. Please write me, your e-mail address.

my e-mail: yilmaz_ajda@yahoo.com
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« Ответ #1 : 03. 12. 2011, 16:44:22 »

Dear Yilmaz.
Thank U for Your letter.
We can discuss all questions U need in this theme.

As I talked to Olga it looks like corneal sequestrum (stromal corneal necrosis). This is feline disease. Some breeds are predisposed to this condition, including Persians.
I think that surgical removal of a sequestrum (superficial keratectomy) is the ideal course of treatment. In some cases it is possible to remove sequestrum and do nothing more. In another cases (when deepness of sequestrum is more than 50% of corneal thikness) we need to make a prosthetic appliance of cornea after surgical removal of sequestrum.

Waiting news from U.
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