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Автор и ведущий проекта - ветеринарный врач офтальмолог Александр Константиновский

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Александр Константиновский
I was born in Moscow, but the my childhood and a youth were spent in North Ossetia, Vladikavkaz (to 1990 г - Ordzhonikidze). At first studied at high school №7, with teaching of some subjects in English, then in mathematical lycee at school № 39. Strenuously went in for sports.
After the occurrence in the house of a Daizy, having passed with it on training courses, I started to be interested in cynology. At first helped trainers from club of fans of animals of "Afsati", then I was entrusted some groups.
I entered a veterinary faculty of Gorsky State Agrarian University. As an amorous type of person, study had overflowed me. All free time I spent on textbooks and corpse preparation. At the same time I continued cynology employment under the direction of the main cynologist of republic Ismajlov Eduard Alekseevich. I have received the diploma of the instructor - cynologist.
Later on, during the high level courses a possibility to be engaged in research work occurered. Students - volunteers united in groups and under the direction of teachers developed new techniques of treatment, tested new medicines. Over our group was supervised by doctor of veterinary sciences, professor Chehodaridi Feodor Nikolaevich . By results of the researches, some articles, one of which had won at the All-Russia competition of student's scientific works, had been written.
Thanks to this work and efforts of the dean of the faculty, Tsugkiev Boris Georgievich, on the last year university it was possible for me to get to Moscow, and to pass two-month training in veterinary clinic "Center". There I saw absolutely another level of veterinary medicine - with difficult surgical operations, newest methods of research of patients and logic medical thinking.
Having successfully passed the state examinations, I have received the diploma with honors and entered postgraduate study of the Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology where I write the dissertation on a theme "Corneal regeneration". In 2004 I had the luck to attend courses of qualification improvement of human ophthalmologists. The program of courses included practical training on diagnostics and surgical treatment.
During training in Moscow I saw for the first time an unprecedented animal - a hybrid of the squirrel and a rabbit. It became interesting. So thats how I got acquainted with chinchillas. I began to read the literature available on sale at first about rodents, then about their maintenance in bondage, then about treatment. In Ossetia there were no experts in treatment of rodents and all unwell small animals were brought on reception. So that was a first experience in treatment of these remains. 6 years had passed since then has passed , but my interest still does not weaken, as now I am engaged in narcosis, carrying out of surgical operations and even had risked to impart experience, having written article about pregnancy and childbirth of chinchillas.
I conduct reception in veterinary centre "ZOOVET" - the unique Moscow veterinary clinic equipped with the professional ophthalmologic surgical equipment. I regularly visit courses of qualification improvement of veterinary surgeons and medical ophthalmologic symposiums, master classes and congresses. I pass training in leading human and veterinary ophthalmologic clinics of Moscow and abroad.
    Domestic animals.
There were always Animals at our place lived . The first whom I remember, was a cat Bonifatsy. Our neigbour gave away kittens, and had persuaded parents to take one. A huge cat, fighter and a hunter, it spent most part of the time in the street, and, eventually, had left the house.
Дейзи и Рей
After that, in 1993, a schnauzer Daizy appeared . It is basically remains the only purposely got animal. Despite the angelic appearence, Daizy always differed its nasty character and a spiteful mood to strangers, however, it is natural for this breed. It is posing in glasses on the photos of this site.
The second, in 1996, appeared mittelschnauzer Brain-lints (or simply - Rey). The owners had left it at our house for two weeks until they found a new owner. But at this particular time Rey was very strongly ill - babesiosis. All family had spent sleepless nights near him. Whether it is necessary to say that in two weeks we couldn’t think of a life without this dog, big fan of food and opposite sex representatives.
The third, approximately during the same time, was a kitten to whom for two years all family tried to think up a beautiful name - as a result it was simply names - the Cat. Cat was about 2-3 months when I first saw in the hands of the several children who were throwing up an animal over the ground. Young "verifiers" checked in practice truthfulness of judgement that the cat always lands on paws. The kitten looked unfortunate and stirred up, as had decided its destiny. On the offer to cease the torment of the kitten rough refusal had followed. "Heroes" simply did not know, how it is difficult to fight, if you are being bitten by feet by a dog. Clear head Dejzi not only had served all under the full program, but also " lead" boys to the nearest fence. I tried to find owners of a kitten, but unsuccessfully. So I had to take it home.
For three days the kitten constantly shook, he could not sleep, it refused to eat and drink. Only on the fourth day has started to come to senses, eat and show interest to life. Now in this devoted, tender, graceful animal it is impossible to recognize eternally shivering kitten.

The turtle had appeared the fourth. The story of its occurrence is less dramatic, than the stories of Rey and the Cat. A turtle was banal presented to sister on her birthday, having warned that it is an overland turtle who eats exclusively vegetative food. So we contained it that way. But the friend who had one fine day visited us had noticed that at the turtle had a "very predatory glance" and has suggested to feed with its raw meat… She ate it how as in the films where hungry wolves fight over the breaks off victim. Having seen it, the friend had assumed that now she wishes to swim for a while and, overcoming resistance of sobbing sister, we have gone to a bathroom. In a consequence it was found out that it is a marsh turtle who eats exclusively animal food and lives mostly in water.
The last, for now, acquisition is the chinchilla Pepsik. A young male with open fracture of a pelvic limb and the request about euthanasia. I had seen it on a call. I am not the supporter of euthanasia on animals that, basically it is possible to help, therefore I have suggested to get the kid. Having lost the certain sum of money, but, having got an animal, I have hastened into the clinic where we successfully have operated it. Since then this restless small animal brings revival in a measured life of our apartment (though often does not give rest at night).

Константиновский Александр
I prefer active rest - mountain skiing, mountaineering and an alloy on the rivers. Favourite vacation spot - Tsejsky gorge in the North Ossetia. Here at any time of the year it is possible to receive inexpressible sensations.

on the photo: the river Tsejdon about a grotto of the Tsejsky glacier. Height: 2000 metres above sea level, water temperature + 4 ?C, speed of a current of 6 km/s, sober.

February 2007
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